Friday, April 20, 2012

Production system entries after moving the transport request - erroneous

Production system entries  after moving the transport request  - erroneous

Analysis :-  Some transport requests created in DEV and moved till Quality only  ,  not moved to Production.    Table entries in  DEV and QUA  and PRD  should be same always.

Consequence :-  Production environment badly hit  and   high priority calls received.

Customizing  the  table entries  in the  function modules :-

1.       We receive  CR / SR  to   customize some entries  in  functional modules like SD/MM/FI etc.
2.       Check the table  which is going to be effected because of making changes
3.       We have to check  the Development,  Quality  and  Production  and ensure that  the respective  table in all clients have  same number of entries.
4.       Then make changes in Development and move to Quality  ,  UAT  and  then to Production.

This is very important because  if the entries are not similar in Development and  Production,  then  production will be badly hit  as   someone had done changes in  Development and  moved till quality only  and   not taken to  Production for some reason or the  other.

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