Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ABAP Utility to execute any program

ABAP Utility to execute any program.

This is simple program and can be used to generate any program at runtime.
The code has to be put in notepad and execute it through this utility.

1)      All one time programs can be generated at runtime through this utility; this avoids actual development of one time programs in SAP.
One time programs are those which are run on demand and they have no use once they are run.
2)      Requirement to pull data for quick audit on demand can be done without actual development of programs.
3)      No actual transports need to be done, as we are just putting our code in note pad file.
4)      Check for different sensitive statements can be put in the program so has to restrict the usage.
5)      User Authorization can be put, hence allowing only the authorized users to run this utility.
Since the utility can execute any code passed to it.
1)      Only authorized must execute this program, as this utility can execute the program passed to it as text file.
2)      Validations has to be done for sensitive commands like mentioned below
·         DELETE
·         UPDATE
·         INSERT
·         DROP
·         CREATE
·         ALTER
·         GRANT
·         REVOKE
·         MODIFY