Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Closing Cockpit Without Transport Request

Closing Cockpit without transport request:

Clocking Cockpit is used for month end/quarter end/yearend activities with some defined steps as per the client needs. There are some situations where you may have to add additional step for that month end or quarter end, in those situation we have to create that step in development system and transport that entry into production system. This process is little time consuming and client cannot wait to perform his month end/quarter end activities.

We can bypass the transport creation with standard code enhancement .Also we can put some additional conditions like based on users and system wise.

Step 1: Go to transaction code SE24 and enter object type CFC and display.

Step 2: Open the method Transport and click on Enhance button.

Step 3: Now click on show implicit or explicit enhancements options.

Step 4: Create enhancement on the top of the code and add the logic to skip the code inside the method when user accessing closing cockpit transaction.

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