Monday, December 20, 2010

Few Keyboard Shortcuts

Few Keyboard Shortcuts
1. Use of Ctrl + Shift + V (Extended Paste): In new abap editor, many times you come up a scenario to copy paste some line of codes from another program. You have to copy a line from Program2 first, then paste into Program1. For second code, again you have to copy and then paste. You can use the Ctrl + Shift + V functionality to paste the recently copied lines. So, no need to switch windows unnecessarily. It's really a time saving stuff.
2. Use of Ctrl + Alt + Num+ ( plus sign in Num keys) : to increase(zoom-in) the text size.
3. Use of Ctrl + Alt + Num- ( minus sign in Num keys) : to decrease(zoom-out) the text size.
4. Use of Ctrl + Alt + / : to restore text size to normal.
5. Use of Ctrl + U : The selected text converted into uppercase.
6. Use of Ctrl + L : The selected text converted into lowercase.
7. Use of Ctrl + J : The selected text will become capitalize.
8. Use of Ctrl + K : The case of selected text will be swapped.
Note: These keyboard shortcuts can be changed according to your need.

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